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MistServer Video Streaming Toolkit

The MistServer Toolkit is public domain open source software for anything related to media streaming that has been in active development by the OptiMist team since 2010. It's made by developers, for developers, focussing on easy integration with other systems and solutions.

Open source
Free forever, no strings attached
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An experienced team

No matter what challenges your project may be facing, the MistServer team has done it before. We offer our expertise based on a simple monthly service charge, rather than charging per project or per hour. With our help, you can avoid mistakes, save time, and increase your chances of being succesful. Cancel any time.

Consulting and support for media-related projects
Speed up your time to market
Custom development
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MistServer is a solid backbone to rely on

No matter the environment or challenges, MistServer will fit your needs

Qiang Han — CTO

Livepeer Inc

Since working with MistServer, we are deeply impressed by their expertise in video technologies and high quality work they have put in the MistServer. MistServer has been instrumental for Livepeer to provide global live streaming service with high reliability and low latency. I would hold no reserve to recommend MistServer and the team behind to anyone who needs the best video expertise in their solution and product.

Mark Fischer — Senior Engineer

Nissan Advanced Technology Center

The people at DDVTech know their craft inside-out — the best in the industry. Easy to work with and extremely capable. Highly recommended.

Robert Nicholas — CEO

SipRadius LLC

Working with the MistServer team at DDVTech has been and continues to be a most pleasant and rewarding experience. The team epitomises experience, efficiency, effective solutions, energetic responses and enthusiastic support. We look forward to many years of mutual success together with the MistServer team and DDVTech.


How does MistServer help you realise your dreams?

Event streaming with MistServer

Distribution / stability

When you are planning to live stream an event, the challenges can be daunting. Use MistServer to ensure stability despite bad connections and prevent scaling headaches. Deliver your content to all your media distribution platforms, increase your reach and reap the rewards!

Building blocks of a Streaming Media CDN

Integration / automation system

With MistServer, you have the power to build your perfect CDN (Content Delivery Network) tailored to your specific needs. Discover the multitude of benefits that MistServer offers for delivering your content, regardless of the size or scalability of your current or future platform. Experience the advantages of MistServer in delivering your content, and unlock the full potential of your media distribution platform.

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