Simple, smart and stable media streaming

MistServer is a streaming media server that works well in any streaming environment. MistServer can scale from a low resource solution to a streaming media software powerhouse. Flexible and adaptive by nature, MistServer is able to stream video and audio online or on intranet to any device without requiring an app to be installed. Streaming live or Video on Demand, MistServer is the streaming media server of choice. You can even run MistServer as a streaming media service in the background. While MistServer works best as a Linux media server, MistServer is completely dependency-free and runs on Windows or Mac (OSX) systems as well. MistServer is available as a free and open source streaming media server but professional-grade features and support are also available with the paid MistServer Pro edition.

MistServer Pro Performance Documentation

10 Jan 2017: Stable release 2.9.0 now available!

Hello everyone! Stable release 2.9.0 of MistServer is now available! The full changelog is available here and downloads are here. Here is a short summary: Added VideoJS player to our smart meta-player. Adding VideoJS allows HLS playback to work in most...

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23 Nov 2016: Stable release 2.8.2 out now

Hello everyone! Stable release 2.8.2 of MistServer is now available! The full changelog is available here and downloads are here. Here is a short summary: Pro only feature: RTMP output track selection has been added. MistServer can now select the tracks...

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17 Oct 2016: Manual updated

Hello everyone! The previously out of date manual has been updated to the latest release. We've spend a lot effort making sure the manual is both complete as well as easy to follow. We've also added and updated integration documentation (API,...

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28 Sep 2016: MistServer stable release 2.7 out now!

Hello all! Our new stable release 2.7 is out now. We've changed the way our management interface worked and added our new meta-player. The meta player auto-detects the best combination of protocol and player for a given stream and playback...

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14 Sep 2016: IBC2016 is over

We'd like to thank everyone we've met at IBC2016. It's always great to see new and familiar faces and see/show the latest developments. We consider the IBC2016 to have gone great and hope others feel the same way. Until next...

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